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Welcome to the PQQ Express website. We specialise in completing quality pre-qualification questionnaires for a wide range of clients across the UK and Ireland covering all industries.

Our team of expert bid writers can greatly improve your company’s success rate and have you progressing to the tender stage with ease.

We offer a range of services, including PQQ writing, PQQ evaluations and reviews, and bespoke policy writing to accompany your submission.

Whether you require our services long term as an outsourcing option for all of your PQQ submissions, or on a more ad hoc basis for one off projects, we have the capacity to meet your company’s requirements.

Using our services is a lucrative alternative to hiring an in-house bid writer, as you have no annual salary to pay; you can use our services as much or as little as you like.

All of our writers are fully trained in-house and all projects are quality checked by senior writers, so you can be sure that you are receiving a top quality PQQ writing service.

Browse our range of services to find out more about how we can take your company’s success rate from average to excellent.

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Upload your PQQ document here and receive a fixed no obligation quote, fast. Alternatively if your PQQ document requires submission via online portal, please call us direct on 0800 123 4567 to receive your quote.

Document Review

If you have already completed your PQQ in-house, have it reviewed, quality checked and proof read by our professional PQQ writers, to ensure that you have not missed any vital elements that could lose you the bid.

Policies & Procedures

Your company Policies and Procedures go hand in hand with writing a PQQ. We can write you the best PQQ in the world, but if your policies and procedures do not back it up, then it is all for nothing. View our list of policies here


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